Thursday, 23 April 2015

Ladybird dress

I loved this fabric as soon as I saw it!! I knew I would just have to make a dress for Aleesha from it - and then when my daughter showed me the new red shoes she bought for Aleesha - well that clinched it for me.
 This dress is not difficult to make - it has a fully lined bodice and a zipper at the back!

 Here's how I did it- first I cut out the two back bodices in both lining fabric and ladybird fabric - then I cut out the bodice front on the fold in both lining fabric and in ladybird fabric. Then i cut out the two skirt backs and the skirt front (cut on fold) 
step 1 - staystitch around the neck of all bodice pieces
Step 2 - sew shoulder seam together in main fabric and in lining fabric 
step 3 - sew lining bodice to main fabric bodice around the neck and armholes 
pull through to right side & press under 1.5cm along lower edge of lining
step 4 - sew lower back seam and side seams
Step 5 - sew large running stitch ( by machine) along top of skirt
step 6 - pin skirt to bodice gathering skirt to fit
step 7 - sew skirt to bodice - trim seams 
 Step 8 - stitch 9" zip to back opening 
step 10 - slip stitch pressed edge of bodice lining down.
step 11 - measure lower skirt and take up required amount and hemstitch down 
step 12- topstitch around armholes & neck edge
I told you it  wasn't difficult !
Tomorrow I plan to make some cushions - I will put the instructions on here tomorrow evening 
 til then 
 God Bless 

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