Wednesday, 31 December 2014

Naturesthreads in 2015

I Hope you all had a peaceful and reflective Christmas - spending time with loved ones and remembering the importance of family - friends and other  people in our lives!!

Naturesthreads has new plans for 2015 - As well as the patchwork & quilting. I will be  adding dressmaking and home sewing - I already have patterns in stock -

A mixture of womens', childrens' general sewing and mens'.

There will be more workshops - dressmaking - home sewing- and new patchworking/quilting projects - including a brand new intermediate quilt - some of the blocks are pictured here.

As I am very much a people person - I'd like to focus on you so I plan to  hold more functions - more opportunities for you to meet like-minded people and to share your love of textiles.

 And -- wait for it -- I have missed the knitting and wool far too much so starting again in the New year - I will be holding regular stitch & share sessions and starting to stock selected yarn and patterns again!!

I wish you all a very happy & healthy New year and hope to see you all again in the New Year!!

God Bless 

Tuesday, 23 September 2014


Thank you to all of you who came to my party - It was fun - I hope you enjoyed the day - I had a good time but I was tired by the end- wouldn't change it though- twas good fun!!
Here are a couple of photos plus a photo of a most amazing and delicious cake given to the party by the wonderful Elaine.

Thursday, 11 September 2014

It's party time!!!

Hi All,
 Well Summer is on its way - but I hope it tarries for a while!!
I have had a great holiday - and things are hotting up for the new term !!
There is a lot of new exciting fabric in the barn and more on its
I will also be running some different workshops this term including some home sewing and some simple dressmaking including childrens clothes making. 

 However my big news is that this month I will have had a shop for five years - so we are having a party!!! YAY!!
September 20th at the barn!! 10.00 - 4.00 
 There will be food & drink - free patterns - special offers - a lucky dip plus lots more!! 

Come and help me celebrate - Everyone welcome!!!

Friday, 25 July 2014

Sun dresses & sun hats continued 

So I made  a sunbonnet and dress for Aleesha - I thought I'd better make one for Lovisa as well.
 So I quickly made a shirred sun dress with matching reversible hat - I used to make these every Summer for my girls - so quick and easy to make and so comfortable and easy to wear, wash, & iron. 
Wear them on their own with sun cream or over a t shirt - or under a little cardigan  there are so versatile - and when they've gotten too tall for it - they make great little tops too! 

Saturday, 19 July 2014

Sunbonnets & Sundresses 

It has been so warm lately and my little grand daughter doesn't like the sun in her eyes and we don't want the sun to damage her pretty skin or her eyes. so I made her a proper sunbonnet to keep the sun from her eyes from her skin from the back of her neck and from her pretty curly hair!
 I chose a lemon floral print because it would reflect the sun and the colour would suit her and I lined it with lemon. It has a wide brim that can be turned back a flap for the back of her neck and pretty ties so it stays on.
 I was very pleased with it. 

I loved it so much I decided to make a matching sun dress. The bodice is lined with lemon gingham - the armholes and neck edge are top stitched in lemon and there is a zip at the back.
 I hope her mummy likes them!!

Tuesday, 8 July 2014

Summer Sale 

My summer sale continues - I am adding more fabric to the sale shelves every couple of days and more pre-cuts too!!

These are just some of the new fabrics added today - more being added on Friday 
The fabric is greatly reduced - some are half- price and i am going to be continuing this sale for at least another ten days 
 so if you're free and love a bargain - come on over
take care 
 God bless 

Monday, 7 July 2014

Summer Time 

Hi all,
 I haven't been on this blog for a wee while - things have been pretty hectic !!
I finally managed to finish the advent stockings calender as pictured 

This was fun  and quick to make - just iron some vilene on to the panel - cut out the 24 stockings repeat with vilene and some backing fabric. Cut out 24 stocking shapes - sew the stockings to the backing stockings right sides together - trim and clip curves - turn right sides out press under 1/4" on top cuff and topstitch. Attach to your garland-- simple!!

I have also been planning my summer school - which starts on 18th August. Everyday for two weeks ( not Sundays - you all know I don't work Sundays) I will be laying on a teaching session - there are lots to choose from - and I will be putting them on the website very soon!
 Also at present and for the next couple of weeks - I am holding a Summer sale - fabrics and pre-cuts - very exciting!!
and of course I will be closing the barn for three weeks so that I may have my annual break!!
 So all in all - quite a lot is going on - and I will also be planning Naturesthreads birthday treat for September - it's going to be fun & i'm a going to be busy busy busy!!
 take care everyone 
 God bless 

Friday, 30 May 2014

May's charity quilt 

This is the top of the charity quilt that we made last week - thank you to everyone who came to help!! 

To all of you who couldn't make this quilt sewing day - there will be another gift quilt day next month!!
Til next time 
 God Bless

Friday, 23 May 2014

May's Charity Quilt & a hungry visitor 

Today we had a lovely time making the quilt for Emmaus - not quite finished - but well on its way - photos will follow when it's done!!
 Thank you to those lovely ladies who came along and sewed- I am very grateful!!
Then when I was leaving this afternoon - something caught my eye - I stopped and carefully got out of the car, grabbing my phone as I cautiously hid behind the open door.
 I often see wildlife behind the barn - but very seldom do I get very close before the animal is startled and flees.
 Today i moved slowly and took my time and although she kept looking up she was content for me to be there.
 so here she is a very hungry deer happily munching on the farmers beans. 
 I don't suppose the farmers will be very happy - but I was delighted and I think she was enjoying her afternoon tea!!  Til next time - God Bless  - Sue ..x

Thursday, 22 May 2014

PJ's or Jim-Jams?

 I love Jim - jams - I find them so much more comfortable than nighties!!
 when I wear a nightie i t rucks up underneath me or it lays out on the bed and my husband lies on top of it and then I can't move -- Jim Jams or PJ's are so much better and you can lounge around the house in them during the day.
 I made these Jim jam bottoms - shorties - nice and cool for the Summer.
 I'm going to wear the black & white cup cakes ones to a sleepover teamed up with a white t shirt - I'm going to wear the blue with red spots ones around the house and to bed at home and I think I'm going to keep the lilac & turquoise checked ones as cover up shorts for the beach!!

Until next time - God Bless


Tuesday, 13 May 2014

Lamb Italienne

I am quite particular about the food I eat. I have an organic veg box delivered - I only buy carefully selected groceries and I tend to buy most of my meat from a farmer friend.
 Last month I bought a lamb from my friend and today I made one of my childhood favourite lamb dishes - Lamb Italienne!!

It is so simple!!
 Take 2 carrots - a medium onion -  a couple of sticks of celery - 1 x can of tomatoes and 8 x best end lamb cutlets. 
 Chop carrots, onion & celery - fry gently in a little oil. Place in a casserole- trim excess fat off the lamb and fry in the same pan as the vegetables - when brown place on top of the vegetables - tip the can of tomatoes into the pan add 1/4 pint of water, mixed herbs- salt & pepper and bring to the boil.  Pour over the lamb - cover and place ina medium hot oven - 180c for about 1 - 1 1/2 hours. Meanwhile - mix 4 oz of S.R. flour with 1 1/2 oz of suet - add chopped parsley - sals and enough cold water to make a sticky consistency . when meat cooked place the dumplings on top of the meat - leave uncovered and return to the oven for approx 20 minutes.
 Serve with potatoes and green vegetables - delicious!! 
I hope you enjoy this!! 
 Til next time 
 God Bless 

Spring herbs & salads 

Don't you just love this time of year - when the herbs are growing in the garden and you can just pop out and grab a handful of wonderful fresh fragrant herbs!!

Then of course there are the lovely new spring vegetables coming in - so as my family are very fond of salads - I made coleslaw - and potato Salad

To make coleslaw - peel & grate 2 carrots - chop 1 small apple and slice 1/2 a small white cabbage - wash and chop a handful of chives and then add your preferred dressing - I mix mayo with salad cream together for my dressing - so quick made in minutes!! 
For potato salad - wash a few new potatoes- boil with fresh mint sprigs until soft - allow to cool wash and chop a handful of fresh chives - stir in your preferred dressing - I always use mayo for this one and enjoy!!

Til next time 

 God BlessSue..x

Saturday, 10 May 2014

A new sewing machine cover 

 This afternoon I realized how tatty my sewing machine cover was - it was all torn and it was white plastic & boring - So I decided to make a new one-- 
 I measured the machine added a couple of inches for seams and ease of fitting.
 I dragged out some bright fabric from my stash and some calico and  a spare piece of wadding.
 First I cut out the spotty fabric as wide as the sewing machine is deep and as long measuring from one side to the other.
then I layered up the three pieces and quilted it. 

Then I trimmed this piece. I then cut out the two pieces for the front and back and again layered them up and quilted them. 

I then stitched the front and back  pieces to the central upper strip and bound the bottom.
 Popped it over the machine and threw out the old cover -- very happy now that my machine has a smart bright new cover!! 
 Til next time 
 God Bless 


Friday, 9 May 2014

How to make a cushion cover with an envelope back.

 Measure your cushion pad and add 1 1/4" inch to both width & length measurements. Let us say for example that your cushion pad is 16" square. Cut out your cushion front 17 1/4" square. Cut out a back piece 17 1/4 " x 16" then another piece 17 1/4 " x 12".
Fold under 1/2"  and then 1/2" again ( so you have a double fold ) on one of the shorter sides of each of the cushion backs - pin and stitch down.

Lay the cushion front right sides down - position a cushion back piece on the top right sides up with the lower raw edges even with the cushion front and the seamed edge towards the top of the cushion front, then lay the other cushion back piece with raw edges even with the cushion front and the seamed edge towards the bottom of the cushion ( basically pointing in the opposite direction).

Stitch all the way round the perimeter of the cushion cover taking a 1/4" seam.  Turn wrong sides out and press.
Now stitch all the way around again enclosing the first seam. Turn right sides out and press. 
Put your cushion pad inside and position on your sofa-bed- chair etc.
 Note - For a plumper cushion make the cover a wee bit smaller & for a flatter cushion make the cover a wee bit bigger!! 
 God Bless 

Thursday, 8 May 2014

Another bright cushion to add to my new seating area 

I have now made a second cushion to add to  my seating area - it was fun to make and quite simple and best of all I used up some fabric from my stash!! 

I just cut squares five squares -and 4 small triangles and 4 larger triangles and then joined three squares together in a line and added a small triangle to either end - then joined a larger triangle to each side of the two remaining squares then added a small triangle to the side thus creating a larger triangle and then joined it all together. I then cut four strips and added them to each side - then created an envelope back.
That was easy too!!
I cut two pieces of fabric the same size as the cushion front! Then along one edge on each piece I turned under 1/4 " and then turned it under again and hemmed it. 
I then  laid the pieces on top of each other wrong sides to right sides with the hemmed edges on opposite sides - I then placed the cushion top on top right sides up. I sewed around the entire cushion cover taking a 1/4" seam.
 I then turned the cushion cover wrong sides out and re sewed  the seam taking 3/8 " seam. turned it right sides out -Pressed the cushion and popped it on the cushion pad - and took the photo - really quick - bright & fun!! 
Doing another one tomorrow
 Til' next time 
 God bless 


Friday, 2 May 2014

Beautiful Blue Buttons 

My new blue buttons came recently - they are like my vanilla buttons with lovely words and hearts. This time as well as peace, hope, love, joy & faith - I also have some with 'trust' written on them. 
I am so pleased with them - they are so soft and they mingle really well with the vanilla ones too don't you think?

I love the sentiments - and if we all possessed these qualities then we would surely be very blessed!

 Til next time 
 God Bless 



Thursday, 1 May 2014

New cushion for new seating area 

I have made a new seating area for the barn positioned right next to the coffee machine and next to a pile of patchwork & sewing magazines. 
I wanted to brighten it up so I have made a new cushion cover and will be making some more over the next few days to make the bench extra cosy!!
So next time you're in the neighbourhood - drop in - pour yourself a coffee or tea and grab a magazine for a free read!!

 I also made this quick wall hanging from a charm pack plus some border fabric !!

Really easy and quick!! 
 til next time
 God Bless 

Thursday, 10 April 2014

First two quilts ready to go to Emmaus 

Here are the first two quilts all finished and ready to go to Emmaus. 
Many thanks to those of you who came along to the sewing days and gave your time to help make this possible.

I know these quilts will make a big difference!!
Thank you !!
'Generosity is contagious- so go infect someone today!'

God Bless 
  Sue x

Wednesday, 9 April 2014

Saving the environment and your heating bills

It's that time of year again - when you don't need the heating on during the day - but you get to the evening - the sun goes down and you stop pottering - you sit down - start to relax and start feeling chilly!!
- that's when you need one of these - a flannel lap quilt - made from soft warm flannel fabric - (still 100% cotton) - it's just big enough to cover you up when you're sitting on the chair or sofa!
 So quick & easy to make - so soft & cosy!! 
Everyone in the house will want it!! 
So don't turn your heating on in the evening in April or September - when it gets chilly - just grab a quilt and snuggle up - It will save the environment and cut your heating bills!! 

 God Bless 

Monday, 7 April 2014

Fabric for the Hopes, dreams & Prayer angels quilt 

I have been looking for some time to replicate the fabric that I used to make the Hopes Dreams & angels quilt and I have struggled - but I am happy to say that I now have several fabrics that are the same and many that are very similar so for those of you have been waiting - the wait is over - it is here!!
God bless 
Sue  x

Wednesday, 26 March 2014


I love buttons!! small ones- big ones- round ones - square ones-knobbly ones- smooth ones - it doesn't really matter - I love them all!
 But these ..... are something else - these are special!! 
 Lovely vanilla buttons with words like -- faith & peace & love & hope & joy with little hearts - these are lovely!!
How could you not love them with such wonderful words written round them. Of course its not the words - not the random placement of letters - its the meanings of the words and the pictures those meanings conjure up that make them SO special!!
Regardless of your faith we all need -hope - peace - faith - love & joy and we can all share these sentiments with those around us - be generous with your love - hope - peace - faith & joy and make someone happy today!!!

God Bless 


Saturday, 22 March 2014

Lettered Bunting 

Lettered Bunting is such fun to make - you can make it any size - any pattern and to say anything you wish!
 This was a practice piece - I loved making it and was surprised how quickly it came together. This bunting has letters only on one side - but I think the next lot I make I will applique letters on both sides - and not hang it against the wall!
You could make some Bunting with your name on - or with your business name on - or 'Happy birthday' or 'well done' or 'congratulations' or 'Welcome Home' or anything you like - but I am happy with 'God is Love'!
Until next time 
 God Bless