Friday, 24 April 2015

Cushion cover making 

Today I made these two cushion covers - they are not difficult to sew. 
 These are to fit an  18" cushion
Do you prefer the silver or the gold?
 How I did it
First I measured the cushions to be covered 
 then I added 1 1/4" to both measurements & cut out one piece following that measurement ( i.e 19 1/4 ")
 I then added a further 2 1/2 " to one dimension and cut a piece that measurement - ( 19 1/4 " x 21 3/4 " ) 
 I then cut a 5" strip off the larger piece and sewed it right sides together back to the piece i cut it from leaving an opening 16" long.
 I then turned under 5/8"along both seam allowances and fitted a zip.
I then cut a length of piping cord the perimeter of the cushion plus 2"
I cut bias strips from the contrasting fabric and sewed them together to make a long enough strip to encase the piping cord.
I then sewed the piping around the cord using a zipper foot.
 I then lay the piping around the edge of the single piece of cushion curving around the corners - I then placed the other piece( the piece with the zip in ) on top right sides together and sewed through all the layers using a zipper foot
 I then trimmed the edges and turned it right sides out and it was done!!
 Didn't take long 
 til next time 
 God Bless

What an amazingly beautiful tree!!

This tree is just outside the barn where I have my workshop and shop
I think it is absolutely stunning - If God hadn't made this first you couldn't dream this sight up- it is amazing!!
creation & nature is just so incredible!!
 God Bless 

Thursday, 23 April 2015

Ladybird dress

I loved this fabric as soon as I saw it!! I knew I would just have to make a dress for Aleesha from it - and then when my daughter showed me the new red shoes she bought for Aleesha - well that clinched it for me.
 This dress is not difficult to make - it has a fully lined bodice and a zipper at the back!

 Here's how I did it- first I cut out the two back bodices in both lining fabric and ladybird fabric - then I cut out the bodice front on the fold in both lining fabric and in ladybird fabric. Then i cut out the two skirt backs and the skirt front (cut on fold) 
step 1 - staystitch around the neck of all bodice pieces
Step 2 - sew shoulder seam together in main fabric and in lining fabric 
step 3 - sew lining bodice to main fabric bodice around the neck and armholes 
pull through to right side & press under 1.5cm along lower edge of lining
step 4 - sew lower back seam and side seams
Step 5 - sew large running stitch ( by machine) along top of skirt
step 6 - pin skirt to bodice gathering skirt to fit
step 7 - sew skirt to bodice - trim seams 
 Step 8 - stitch 9" zip to back opening 
step 10 - slip stitch pressed edge of bodice lining down.
step 11 - measure lower skirt and take up required amount and hemstitch down 
step 12- topstitch around armholes & neck edge
I told you it  wasn't difficult !
Tomorrow I plan to make some cushions - I will put the instructions on here tomorrow evening 
 til then 
 God Bless 

Wednesday, 15 April 2015

Beach Kecks 

I am so looking forward to the Summer- I know we haven't had a hard winter but it just feels like it is ages since the summer.
I have made some Beach Kecks for my young grandson 
 Beach kecks are for those evening times when you've been on the beach all day - you've been in & out of the sea - but now the sun has dropped and a breeze is coming off the sea - but you don't want the day to end you're still happy to wriggle your toes in the sand - still keen to pick up prize shells - 
These kecks are for times like this - made out of a linen cotton blend - they keep you warm- but with wide legs you can still bury your feet in the sand - and with a drawstring and elastic round the waist they can be loose and comfy and there are two deep pockets for those special stones and shells
I can't wait for summer!

enjoy the sunshine 
 God bless 

Friday, 10 April 2015

Yay!! Spring is here!! 

Hooray! I really believe that Spring is finally here!!
 I accept that we may still have a cold spell - but it will only be a spell - it won't be the norm- the norm will be milder temperatures and hopefully brighter skies!!

 I have been sewing for the summer -  and i have made a little pair of beach pants with a frill all round and a matching tunic for my little granddaughter

She is going to look so cute in them!!
 I have decided to run some dress/clothes making classes to run alongside my patchwork classes - i am just trying to find the best day to run them on!!
The new fabrics in this Spring are wonderful - there is something for everyone & i am busy sewing a new summer quilt and designing a new block of the month for later on in the year.

These safari fabrics are lovely and the coastal range is 
gorgeous too!

I also have an ever expanding range of dressmaking fabrics in stock too! 
Take a look at my facebook page - go to my website and click on the facebook button 
 God bless & happy sewing