Friday, 29 November 2013


'Hope' - now there's a word! 
 What is Hope - is it the expectation of something good to come? Is it a wish for a dream to come true? Or is it another word for a silent prayer?
 As we approach Christmas there are many excited children who 'hope' for a glimpse of Santa- or hope to hear the sleigh bells!
 There maybe many of us who 'hope' that we can enjoy a family Christmas.
 Some may 'hope' that a loved one is home for Christmas! Some may 'hope' that a loved one survives - and not just for Christmas!
 The people living in the Phillipines are probably hoping for a new future.
 Whatever you are hoping for whether it be 5 minutes of quiet  -- or World Peace-- praying is more likely to work than hoping!!

Monday, 25 November 2013


I am again amazed at humbled at the acts of generosity I witness around me!
Whilst I hear about people mourning the loss of human kindness - I find my faith in humanity building daily.
 On Saturday a very generous customer donated some beautiful hand-made cards for me to offer for donations to Emmaus.
She had heard of my mission to raise money for the homeless - had seen my earlier blog about the lovely 'hugs & kisses' fabric!
and very generously donated these beautiful cards!
 If you would like to send a loved one a card sporting these delightful rabbits with the words 'hugs & kisses' just pop over to the barn and make a donation to Emmaus!
Generosity is all around us - it is a most wonderful thing benefiting the giver ( it's good for the soul) the receiver ( their needs are met) and the onlooker( it's incredibly contagious) 

Saturday, 23 November 2013


Those of us who have a family are very blessed!
There are many individuals out in the World who have no family - no-one to spend time with over Christmas- no-one to cherish or to cherish them & no-one to pick them up when life kicks them over! 
For them the threat of homelessness is very real.
When the rest of us fall - our families catch us- but when you've no family -  when you fall - you stay down!!
So we should all  treasure our families - really cherish them!! 
 And spare a thought for those who are alone - be their anonymous family - help to home them and donate to Emmaus - the homeless persons charity that really works !!!
God Bless !!

Tuesday, 19 November 2013

Hugs & kisses 

Don't we all love Hugs & Kisses? We love to give them & we love to receive them!! 
 Who doesn't love to cuddle a baby - all soft & warm in your arms and who can resist planting a kiss on their soft sweet smelling head!  
Yes we all love a cuddle & a kiss - from young to old - babies - children - mums & dads - brothers & sisters - grandmas and grandpas - aunties & uncles - you name it - they love cuddles & kisses - and lets not forget the spaniels - the labradors - the poodles - the schnauzers - the heinz 57 etc. 
And of course you can't give a hug without getting one back! 
So lets all go and hug someone or some pet today and fill the world with hugs, kisses & Love! 
Then make something pretty from this Hugs & kisses fabric to remind ourselves to hug more often!! 

Friday, 15 November 2013


I am very aware of the phrase 'money makes the world go round' but that is not how I see it! 
Money may indeed oil the wheels of industry and may also make the wheels of commerce go round.
But it does not make life bearable- Love makes life bearable!
 It's Love that waits all night at the hospital -  it's Love that gives up its dreams for another- it's Love that holds you when you sob with pain and Love that dances with you when it all comes right- It's Love that gives again & again and it's Love that prays for you all through the night - -- and it wasn't the nails that kept Jesus on the cross - it was Love!!

Thursday, 14 November 2013

Every little helps 

I am blessed to be surrounded by wonderful helpful people who understand that people pulling together can make a difference!!!

 I have a mission to use my barn where possible to raise money for charity - my charity is Emmaus - a homeless persons charity- 
 It is freezing out there - I would hate to be homeless -Just imagine being out there right now - with no where to go-- nowhere to sit - let alone lie- no way to keep warm or dry - spending the night shuffling around trying to keep warm and to keep away from danger!!  
 The more money raised for Emmaus the more people can be helped!

A wonderfully warm friend of mine has kindly donated several jars of home-made marmalade ( it is yummy- I know - delicious on wholemeal toast).
 If you fancy a jar or two then please pop along to the barn and make a sensible donation in my charity box. 
Lets help Emmaus to help these vulnerable people most of whom are homeless through no fault of their own! 
 My grateful thanks goes to Liz for donating her talents & efforts - may God Bless you Liz

All offers of help in supporting this charity would be gratefully received.


Wednesday, 13 November 2013

First frost of Autumn

Today we experienced the first frost of this new season - despite it being cold it was glorious - the frost laying on the field behind the barn was white fresh & crisp and in total contrast to the colours of the surrounding trees. 
The day slowly broke into sunshine which quickly melted the frost - the sun shining on the autumn trees changing colour was dazzling - and you just have to acknowledge the timeless and majestic beauty of Nature!!
Glorious Oak by the barn
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Tuesday, 12 November 2013

Autumn colours 

Don't you just love the autumn leaves - I do - they are so beautiful - even the tatty ones - the gorgeous mix of colours can sometimes be overwhelming in their beauty!
 I may be driving or walking past these beautiful ever-changing spectacles and can stop mid sentence - just to exclaim at the beauty of creation.
Tonight it was also a wondrous sunset - so my conversation with my son was interrupted many many times by - 'oh Look at that ' as I was temporarily spell bound by the gorgeous pink sky  - or 'wow! Look at that Sycamore isn't it glorious!!'

Although it's a poor substitute for the creators work - I had to go home and arrange my own autumn show on the sofa with a handful of Autumn quilts.

Monday, 11 November 2013

Welcome to my new blog!

Hi everyone,
 This is my new space where I can write about everything that is important to me! 
My beliefs- my family - my friends - my pets- my community - fund-raising - textiles- patchwork- dress-making- pattern drafting etc. in fact  everything that i think about and feel for!!
 Today is Monday 11th November - Remembrance day - a very special day when we remember and show great respect for all our brave servicemen and women  past & present!
We should all count our blessings - It is nothing we did that places us in a safe war-free zone!! 
 Give thanks for our freedom!!

Today is also my husband Kevin's birthday-- Happy birthday to Kevin and everyone who has a birthday on remembrance day!!

Share my thoughts & observations again soon!