Wednesday, 22 January 2014

Sewing day coming up!!

Well Ladies the wonderfully cute Triton the Dino pillows have arrrived.
 All I need to do now is arrange a date for us to get together to sew them.
I thought I would make one first and see how it turns out!! 
 Could all of you who are keen to help me make these for the childrens' hospice please email me as to which days of the week are most convenient for you!
thank you so much in advance for your time and expertise
God Bless 

Saturday, 18 January 2014

A mission 

I am on a mission to possibly create a mission. Does that make sense? If you look up the word mission in the Oxford dictionary it gives ' a task or duty that a person believes he or she must achieve' as the second definition - it gives ' a charitable centre that offers shelter or aid to the poor or needy' as the seventh definition.
I am committed  to raise as much money and public awareness for the homeless as i can and if i can raise enough support then maybe a mission ( as in the seventh definition) could be a possible outcome!!
 Hence the above statement - I am on a mission to possibly create a mission!
My charity or giving table is growing - there are now some of the above frames on the table and a donation to the charity box will secure one.
There are also some jewellery boxes, some fabric photo frames, some fabric notebooks, some i pad covers and other items. All these items have been donated by generous friends and customers who also feel for the homeless like I do!
Over the next few months naturesthreads will be holding several charity sewing days - to make quilts for the homeless - some to raffle for funds for the homeless and some to be handed to homeless individuals!!
 Please come and join us  - it doesn't matter if you can't sew - I can show you how - it will be easy, friendly & fun!!
Anything is bearable if you have a home - and nothing is bearable if you don't!!

Thursday, 9 January 2014

A NewYear

(my new quilt)

 This is the season for new starts, new beginnings, new regimes. You know what they say - out with the old and in with the new!!
 There will be many who are striving to keep their new year resolutions!
 The most popular of which seem to be 'get fit', 'lose weight', take up a new sport, enrol at night school etc.
 All pursuits to make us a 'better person'. But do these activities make us a better person?
Will these new activities make us happier or the people around us happier?
If we are struggling to keep to our new routines does that make us happy or frustrated? Do our frustrations show in our attitudes to others?
Don't get me wrong here - I am all for new beginnings - but new beginnings and new attitudes that make others happy and improve the world we live in!
So my new years resolutions will to give more - more of my time, my money and my efforts to help the world become a happier safer place for everyone - and that will make me happy and those around me happier and I will not become frustrated or irritated because I know I can do it - all I have to do is keep following Jesus's example!!