Thursday, 19 December 2013


This is how my charity table looks now - the wonderful Liz started the ball rolling with her delicious marmalade- then the talented Denise donated her gorgeous hand-made cards. Then creative Kerenza added the gorgeous wire hanging racks i posted baout yesterday and now she has added the above items! All to be sold for donations to Emmaus - the homeless persons charity -
 There are ipad sleeves and notepads made form 100% recycled cotton left over from the fashion industry - there are jewelry boxes, notebooks, butterflies, welcome hanging signs etc. All donations will go to Emmaus to help homeless persons.
 To say I am overwhelmed is an understatement!!
 Thank you so much you  lovely generous people and may God bless you!!

Wednesday, 18 December 2013

Generosity (II)

If you read my earlier blog entitled 'Generosity' you will recall that I mentioned that generosity is contagious! We started with home-made marmalade being made by my wonderful friend Liz - incidentally Liz - people are raving about your marmalade!! - We then moved on to another lovely friend who made the gorgeous 'hugs & kisses' cards. Now the lovely Kerenza has donated several of these gorgeous rustic wire hanging shelves/racks! The marmalade - cards - and wire racks - have all been donated to support my charity - Emmaus- the homeless persons charity! A sensible donation in my charity box is all that's needed to acquire any of the above! These wire racks would make a fantastic gift and at the same time you will have helped someone who is less fortunate than yourself!! My mission is to help as many people off the streets and into homes as I possibly can - this is a big project  - I need lots of help - and every donation helps!! 

Tuesday, 17 December 2013


What is Faith? Is it the same as trust or is it slightly different? Is it more than hope but less than certainty?
We place our trust in journalists - reporting the truth - do they? We place our trust in politicians -running the country - for the good of the majority - do they? We place our trust in bankers- carefully managing our finances - do they?
We even place our trust in dentists and doctors - in the hope that they can cure all ills - can they?
 But do we have faith in all of the above - I believe not!
 So faith must be more than trust - is it belief -- or is it certainty?
I think faith is confidence that something will occur.
We have faith in someone when they have proved their worth- We have faith that a loved one will deliver what they say they will. 
So does love have to be present before we can have faith? 
 You bet it does!
 So we can all have faith in God - why ? Because God is Love!!