Friday, 24 April 2015

Cushion cover making 

Today I made these two cushion covers - they are not difficult to sew. 
 These are to fit an  18" cushion
Do you prefer the silver or the gold?
 How I did it
First I measured the cushions to be covered 
 then I added 1 1/4" to both measurements & cut out one piece following that measurement ( i.e 19 1/4 ")
 I then added a further 2 1/2 " to one dimension and cut a piece that measurement - ( 19 1/4 " x 21 3/4 " ) 
 I then cut a 5" strip off the larger piece and sewed it right sides together back to the piece i cut it from leaving an opening 16" long.
 I then turned under 5/8"along both seam allowances and fitted a zip.
I then cut a length of piping cord the perimeter of the cushion plus 2"
I cut bias strips from the contrasting fabric and sewed them together to make a long enough strip to encase the piping cord.
I then sewed the piping around the cord using a zipper foot.
 I then lay the piping around the edge of the single piece of cushion curving around the corners - I then placed the other piece( the piece with the zip in ) on top right sides together and sewed through all the layers using a zipper foot
 I then trimmed the edges and turned it right sides out and it was done!!
 Didn't take long 
 til next time 
 God Bless

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