Tuesday, 2 January 2018


I hope you have all had a very happy Christmas and I wish you all a very happy & peaceful New Year.

After Christmas we all look forward to the Quilters fair which is held at the Maltings every year
It is a great place to buy reduced quilting fabrics.
 This will be held on Sunday 14th January and as usual I will be offering first pickings to our local community on Saturday 13th January 

This year I am looking forward to holding some different workshops this year and first off is a whole day devoted to quilting.
 We will cover estimating backing fabric - layering up and pinning - choosing different quilting designs - machine quilting using an even feed foot - marking designs on our quilt tops - free-form machine quilting and hand quilting.
I will be holding this fun day on 20th January  there will be other workshop days to follow as well as the usual shorter workshops.

Have a wonderful New Year everyone

Sue ..

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