Friday, 22 May 2015

Deer at the barn

Yesterday when I arrived at the barn I surprised a young female deer, she ran off through the field of wheat - but kept stopping and turning round to see if I was coming!!
She stayed about 40 yards away for a long time watching mebefore lying down and then i couldn't see if she had gone or not!!

Then today I walked in to the back of the barn and there were two young males right outside my window - they were nibbling at the moss - when they saw me they just looked up and stared. 
 I tried to take a photo - but I have bars on the back of my window - and as i tried to slip the phone behind the bars - they wandered off behind the hedge.
After a few minutes I went outside to see them - and they bounced off over the field - they were so beautiful - so swift - so supple they covered the wheat effortlessly. 
 I am always amazed by these beautiful swift shy creatures - they are so graceful and lovely and it is just another example of God's beautiful creation!!
 Til next time 
 God Bless

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